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Green Arrow Apps has been set up to combine the experience gained through my years of knowledge of successfully working with a wide range of clients through Green Arrow Consultancy, where we used our knowledge and experience to help businesses large and small get noticed online.

Green Arrow Consultancy has worked with various companies over the years including the Energizer Group and helped them not only design their websites but get noticed online through the power of SEO and ensured that they have stayed safe and secure online while attracting new business customers through the power of online marketing.

As technology has evolved the more powerful it has become and the more of a grip it has on us all, with the average person spending around 5 hours per day on their phone. With all this time that people are spending looking at their smartphones, there is a massive market out there that your business needs to tap into. With the rapid rise of the smartphone has come the huge increase of iOS, Android and progressive apps that are downloaded and used daily.

GAapps have partnered with a US company who has seven years of app development experience, so you know when you work with us that our experience and knowledge will ensure that your businesses app is in safe hands.

GAapps believe in looking to the future and therefore we are a forward thinking company who believes in looking for fresh ideas and being ahead of the curve when it comes to online technology.We will look at creating not only an app that looks good but has functionality in mind too, so your next customer can find the information that they need fast. Your app can provide general information, online booking forms, messaging services and most importantly it can even keep your audience up to date with new information about your business and the industry that you are in.

In the small business world apps are still relatively rare, so why not get ahead of the competition and have a chat with us about how a business app can become part of your business online marketing push. Apps also help with your online branding, as they are visible on your customer's phones, so every time they look at their phone they will see your business branding and it will, therefore, remind them of your business and the services that you provide.

At GAapps we believe giving all our clients the customer service that they deserve, so the personal touch is important to us. We want to get to know our clients and their businesses and over time maintain a great relationship that ensures the apps that we design will work well for your business now and into the future with our continued knowledge and guidance.

Green Arrow Consultancy currently has a 100% client retention rate, we would like to share our experience.

If you believe that a business app could be the way forward to help with your online marketing efforts and ensure that you reach an even wider audience, then why not contact us at GAapps today and we will have a chat with you about your specific requirements and show you how our knowledge and experience can be an asset to your business.


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